Apr 16, 2007

The Baron makes Friends

It seems that the Danes have affectionately taken the good Baron to heart, here is a quick summary of the Baron's visit, posted on Steen's Blogg. I hope that Steen will forgive me for any loss of nuances in the translation. VENI. VIDI. VICI. Are three words that immediately spring to mind.

Denmark has in Baron Bodissy from the Gates of Vienna in the USA a great and unusual friend. After three days with this buzzing poly-historian and hibernated hippie, one becomes a little confused by his enthusiasm and love of the land, it cannot be true that we are so wonderful? His passions are etymology and Bach, but his is just as at home in the history of art, migration, India, China, Afghanistan, and Islam, as in Shakespeare's sonnets and Wilfred Owen's poems, besides being a political carnivore, and a civilized human being. During all of his visit to Copenhagen he has frenziedly practiced his newly acquired Danish, very impressive.
There will undoubtedly come more out of the meeting, but I am now forced to post The Baron's tale to the gathered Danes Norwegians Swedes and English. Baron Bodissy, Denmark's foremost visitor is getting ready to conquer Jutland. Thank you for coming, Baron, it was our pleasure, don't let 40 years go by before your next visit.

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Fröken Sverige said...

I guess I will be the first to write here,then. :-)

It was great to meet The Baron and it was really nice to meet a lot of great people...that fights on the RIGHT side, in this ugly war.

Keep up the good work!

All the best