Sep 16, 2007

Antidimmitude in Switzerland

A certain Gentleman of the negroid persuasion Doudou Diène has been complaining, or to be more correctly whining about how Islamaphobic the Swiss have become. It seems that the U.N. Human rights commision is a bit peeved over a poster the Swiss peoples party has issued showing three obviously Islamophobic swiss sheep kicking out a black sheep out of Switzerland. The U.N. Human rights commision or what ever name they use, tends to be somewhat over sensitive when Islamic human rights are concerned. But markedly reticent when any non-muslim rights are contravened. This of cause is to be expected when you have representatives from 15 muslim nations on the committee, non of which are noted for there respect of Human rights, certainly not womens. This arrant hypocrisy tends to get up my nose, but to show my good will, I have doctored the poster to make it more politically acceptable to these idiots. I can assure you if the poster I have changed had been issued by the Swiss peoples party there would not have been as much as a squeak out of these morons. I am doing this to make a point. In the mean time the Swiss government will dissimulate, as only they can. In the mean time back in the Alpine pastures the Heides and modern day William Tells learn how to make computer games and post them on the net, and get ready to defend there land. If only these fools from the U.N. had half a brain they would realize that they are doing nothing to help there cause by whining over Islamophobia, a recently hatched word that has no meaning what soever. To be islamophobic means that you have an irrational fear of Islam, any fear of Islam is by definition rational. The Swiss being one of the most rational groups of people obviously realize this and are getting things in place to defend themselves. If the Swiss suffer from any phobia then it must be Antikuffaphobia an irrational fear of wanting to defend yourself. You have to be able to understand a bit of German to understand the link below please enjoy and join the Swiss in raising a middle finger in the direction of this Idiot and his paymasters.

Fun and games in the Swiss mountains

Sep 13, 2007

Very Basic European Human Rights

On the 11th of this month I spent a somewhat disagreeable day. It was in fact a day I could have done without. Since I have settled down here in the rural Netherlands, renovated an old house, and started a family. I have got to feel rather comfortable. It is very quiet here, there is no crime, I don't even have to lock the door. I have a great view over the fields at the back of house. If I want any milk I can go across to the father-in-laws farm and get some. What is even better still is that there is a nice little pub nestled nicely in among the 17 houses that make up the hamlet. The customers are nice and friendly and the beer is cheap and good. I need for little and want even less. In a word I am a content human being. It has got to such a point that I don't like to go into the nearest town to do my shopping once a week, and if I can avoid it I let the wife do it. Idyllic, yes it is. I had traveled the world working in different countries never staying more than a couple of years in one place. When you find the right women, you have to put down roots, and the ground here suits my roots perfectly. I have got what I want.

The problem is though, you can't keep the world out and what has been happening to this great country over the last few years has got me really depressed. First little things being demanded by camel herders who can't spell their own name. Then Imams tell us that we should throw all Homos off the highest building in Holland. In the end the whining and bleating gets more incessant and nauseating until you just want them to shut up. I think the greatest problem is that you look at them in there dresses and party hats and say too yourself, they can't be serious. The shock comes when you realize they are, the death of Theo Van Gogh was a shock too me, as I am certain it was for many Dutch. What is it these nutters are up too, so you begin to read that fairy tale they call a Holy book. It is only then, if you have never been interested in faith, that you realize that repeating arrant nonsense five times a day turns you into a sociopath. The final point of no return for me, came over the Danish cartoons. Now it has got to stop.

So early on the 11th I got out of bed, put on my second best cloths, my cheap pair of reserve glasses and with my passport in my back pocket I caught the train to Brussels to attend the demonstration against the Islamisation of Europe. I was in the thick of it and was no more than feet away when the police started to arrest the leaders of Vlaams Belang. I took plenty of pictures and I will post them on a later posting but what really caught my eye and in many ways show up our real dilemma was a very small book I picked up in the E.U. parliament building. I had to go in to see someone I know and when I came out I picked one up. I wonder how much money they spent put this screed together, not much I dare say. They can spend millions putting together a 500 page constitution that nobody wants and then spend millions more changing its name so they can implement it by the back door. Spend millions on putting together what should be a European equivalent of the the American Bill of Right, no way. As you can see above picture of the book it is almost insignificant and thin on the ground in content full of blathering fluff. They also insult you by saying that it is free and you cannot sell it, as if anybody in his right mind would want the dam thing. This was the enduring impression of the E.U. I received when I left Brussels later that night.

Sep 4, 2007

What a Farce

A gang of Al-Qaeda terrorists who beat four prison officers with pool cues will not be prosecuted, because it is "not in the public interest".

Tariq Al-Daour - jailed for inciting terrorism - led six thugs at Belmarsh Prison in the attack which left one officer with a shattered cheekbone and another with deep cuts in his shoulder.

The incident was caught on CCTV and witnesses have come forward - but the Crown Prosecution Service has refused to prosecute.

Lawyers told the victims that prosecuting the terrorists there was "not a realistic prospect of conviction". Prison officers believe authorities are too afraid to tackle the Muslim gangs in case they antagonise them.

One said: "They're letting these thugs get away with beating these officers to a pulp. They are treated like untouchables in the system. It will just lead to more violence."

A spokesman for the CPS said: "This matter could be dealt with by the prison's internal processes."

A magistrate at an internal hearing can impose a sentence of 56 days - but if the suspects had been tried for grievous bodily harm they faced up to seven years.

There is something seriously wrong here with the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) this just can't be right either the service has been ethnically enriched or the Attorney General has lost his marbles

A living Fossil

Certain things interest me and start me wondering. The discovery of what must be another colony of coelacanths in the waters off Sulawasie in Indonesia set me thinking. Here was living fossil not changed in 70,000,000 years, how could an animal not evolve after Darwin's theory, was its environment so stably, did no other species compete with it for 70,000,000 years. Homo Sapien a species to which I will acknowledge a nodding acquaintance evolved from some hairy baboons several million years ago. We are in fact physically different animal, although mentally nothing seems to have changed. I then tried to thing of another animal that had not changed in millions of years and how ever much I racked my brain I could not think of a single one, it was only when I stumbled on a photo of this pitiful creature that I realized I had stumbled on a living fossil. His name by the way is Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ghaith and he is head of the Saudi Arabian Gestapo, or to give it its correct name Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice. Now that has an Orwellian ring to it. He is in charge of a gang of thugs called the muttawa all of which, like the Gestapo, I suspect are recruited from the dregs of society. The first and only time I came in contact with these living fossils was about 30 years ago. I had gone to Dhahman in Saudi Arabia to get an automatic concrete block plant up and running. I was walking around Dhahman when the loud speakers on the minaret wailed out its mournful message that the faithful must come to the mosque to kiss carpets and fart, in there neighbor's face. I watched in amazement while a gang of these stalwarts went into different shops and beat the customers and the shop keepers with long sticks out of the door and towards the mosque. It was interesting but certainly not pleasant to watching a crowd of sheet people hopping and dancing along the road with a few well aim stokes at the laggards calf's. My opinion of them went into free fall when I realize that it must have been the sons of these thugs who forced all those schoolgirls back into that burning school because they had not got there face covered. Such things happen when you have not developed for 70,000,000 years.

I then realized that there had been a sub species in Europe in the middle ages. They went under different names such as Witch finder General and Inquisitor General, and were just as obnoxious. The enlightenment and the industrialization finally lead to there extinction. It is difficult to say whether the Arab variety will go the same way. In 200 years if we do not destroy ourselves most likely yes but for the moment I do not think so. The oil bonanza has provide more than enough money for the Saudi Royal family to support the whoring of its members keep its rapidly increasing population in quiescent welfare and with enough left over to subsidies these thugs and proselytize their religion and if we are not careful we might see scenes like the one above happening at a Mosque near you.

Geert Wilders on a Roll

Den Haag,
Geert Wilders will let no one tell him, he must sing a tone lower. The Genie is out of the bottle and nobody can put him back.

That is not going to happen, either by a court order, a political debate, and not with a bullet.

Unrepentant after a stormy week the political leader of the PARTY FOR FREEDOM with his call for the Koran to be forbidden in the Netherlands faced a new storm of criticism.

From Tehran to Lelystad the protests stream in. In the meantime his popularity rises.

His call for the Holly Book of islam to be forbidden, has lead to a storm of complaints to the police, that he should be summoned for sowing hate between different groups of people. The number of complaints have never been so large, but it doesn't worry him.

He stands by his opinion. “It is an hateful book, where you are called on to kill people who think differently. I do not sow hate, the Koran does that. It is a fascistic book. It is not a book we should have, maybe if we took out all the hateful verses, but then there would be little left over. Then the Koran would be about as thick as a Donald Duck comic.”

This is just part of a translation I have done. It is from an article in the AD newspaper from the Netherlands. It is certainly not a word for word translation but it gets the gist of the message. I doubt that many people reading this would disagree. The important sentence though is IN THE MEANTIME HIS POPULARITY RISES. You can miss it if you read it too quickly. What is not shown is that the Dutch seem finally to have had enough. Maurice De Hond who has a market research firm has shown that if there was an election now that Geert Wilders and his party would get nearly 20 seats in the Dutch houses of parliament up from his now 9 seats, most of these coming from the Dutch Labor party. It seems to me that there is a silent majority, who have simple had enough and how ever much they complain it will never pop above the political radar Wilders is speaking for these. The Politicians do not want to recognize it, and so deny it happens, or try and cover it up. Geert who has his own party can't be ignored and he has parliamentary immunity and excellent protection because he has had over 600 death threats. The muslims are calling for his protection to be discontinued, we all know what that would mean. The Dutch parliament could never allow that, because if he was killed, no Dutch parliament would last more than a few days. The deaths of Pym Fortyn and Theo van Gogh still casts it's shadow over Dutch politics. The politicians also know that they could easily be next on the list and if they denied protection for Wilders they couldn't really with a good conscience demand it for themselves. Wilders has a secure platform with which to say his piece, all he has to do is keep the noise level up, and with it the attention of the Dutch. The muslims will inevitably blot there copy book and still more disgruntled voters will vote for him in the next election. The other point I would like to make is that none of the other parties will touch him with a barge pole, which is great news, because if they want to gain votes at his expense they will have to come closer too his politics. The next election is in about 4 years time, Harold Wilson said that a week in politics is a long time, and much can happen in 4 years but if he can quietly and strongly keep speaking for the silent majority he should make very good gains and could possibly be the largest party in parliament at the next elections especially if some atrocity is committed here in the Netherlands. He has worked wonders from a one man party before the last election to 9 seats now, and as I said if there was an election now he would have 20 seats. I think the Netherlands has turned the corner.