May 24, 2009

Muslim Rage Cartoon

s an Animator and cartoonist I like a good cartoon myself. It does have its bad points though when you have mastered the trade, that is to say, if you ever master the trade, you always stand in awe of the great cartoonist, Chuck Jones, Art Babbit, Grim Natwick, to name but a few. I suspect that most of you have never even heard of them although the have certainly seen there work. You then judge other cartoons after their work and sift through them with a fine tooth comb. Are the drawings good how good is the characterization what is the quality of the Background painting, an art unto itself, how is it edited, has it a beginning and an end ( good story line?) The cartoon I am going, to show you has none of these qualities, even if it was propaganda like the brilliant Private Snafu which was a series of training cartoons commissioned by the U.S. Army at the time this cartoon was produced, this cartoon is particularly abysmal. The walking sequences are particularly bad, some of the drawing is atrocious and it mainly slapstick for the sake of slapstick. This technical criticism diminishes your enjoyment, you see the form and not the content. The thing that stands out in this cartoon though is its content. By todays standards it is not very politically correct stereotyping the poor Muslim Arabs, but are they really stereotyping , it seems to me that nothing has really changed in the 70 years since this was made?
Anyway enjoy.

Jan 23, 2008

What the F**k is going on

It is funny what you come across on the internet. I stumbled on this video by accident, and I don't know what the hell is going on here, I will let you make your own judgement. Below is a rough transcript of what is said and the implication that the American Bill of Rights could and would be suspended in this type of emergency sounds very ominous. Any ideas anyone?


Congress shall now vote for approval of HR 8791 Homeland Terrorism Preparedness bill, err, said bill requests emergency response funding up to and including, I'm sorry this section is CLASSIFIED er, dollars to prepare for national level terrorist attack and or attack from CLASSIFIED funding for first responding personnel and vehicles would be doubled if said attack leads to more than 80% of national population being affected by CLASSIFIED this funding shall commence in conjunction with the first attack on erm, CLASSIFIED or the first large scale outbreak of CLASSIFIED depending upon which comes first, civilian and military units shall be trained in containment and combat of CLASSIFIED including irradiated CLASSIFIED with possibility of CLASSIFIED airborne CLASSIFIED flesh-eating CLASSIFIED and/or all of the above in such event as CLASSIFIED viewing CLASSIFIED escape are released or otherwise become uncontrollable, Air Force units my also be directed to combat said CLASSIFIED due to their enormous size and other-worldly strengths, should event occur in urban areas, Jesus, thats CLASSIFIED far surpassing our darkest nightmares should casualties exceed CLASSIFIED body disposal actions shall be halted and associated resources shall be re-allocated to CLASSIFIED underground CLASSIFIED protected birthing centers er, new Bill of Rights shall be drafted and approved by CLASSIFIED, having now reviewed the bill I ask you to now please cast your votes.

Dec 14, 2007

Islamophobia in Norway

The picture above is a screen shot from a Norwegian facebook page on the internet. For those of you that cannot read Norwegian and I presume most of you can't I have writen the original text below and the English translation underneath. I think you will find it interesting.

For Drapet av Norges fiende nr 1.

Siden krek gjemmer seg bak ytringsfriheten og oppfordrer til drap på fiender av Islam som han kaller oss starter jeg herved en gruppe for folk som er villige til å donere penger for å gi en viss person en kule i Panna.

Hvis noen kjenner en Skadedyrs ekspert si fra. Og hvis vi mot formodning ikke får inn nok penger vil disse bli gitt tilbake til sine respektive givere», heter det i informasjonsteksten til Facebook-gruppa.

For the killing of Norway's enemy no 1.

Since Krek hides himself behind freedom of expression and incites people to kill the enemies of Islam who he calls us. I am starting a group for people who are willing to donate money to give a certain person a bullet in the head.
If anybody knows a vermin expert say so. If we do not collect enough money this will be given back to the respective doners. The facebook informs.

This is one seriously pissed off Norwegian. I suppose technically you could call him an islamophobe and it will certainly be construed as such by the Muslims. Personally I think he has just had enough of being abused by this Mullah and all the rest of the ranting Jihadists and just snapped. What it does show is a rising contempt a seething sense of impotency at the way the regimes in the west clamp down on dissent if you are a white Aboriginal but give free reign to the Mullahs and the Jihadist in there society. We have had similar cases in Britain where chanting Muslims have demonstrated calling for the murder of non muslims while the leader of a political party was brought before the courts not once but twice, because the Government couldn't get the verdict it wanted because he called Islam an evil vicious religion. You don't have to be a political genius to realise that the government wanted a show trial. One wonders why a Government supposedly committed to democracy would do such a thing. What have they to fear from such a mild comment? It bodes ill for the future, trying to suppress mild criticism will only drive it underground, where it will fester and grow until it burst forth like this, or perhaps even worse somebody might even try and even succeed in putting a bullet in Kreks skull. Unresolved problems if not allowed to be resolved in debate can quickly gain a head of steam and if there is no safety valve will suddenly explode. Throwing people out of a window in Prague onto a pile of Horse manure did nothing to calm religious sensibilities and lead to the extermination of a third of the German people in the thirty year war. Have no fear we have the same situation now here in Europe we have a battle for domination not religion against religion, but religion against secular government. The result is easy to define it will either mean freedom or slavery, for me and you, and our children, and children's children. The pressure is building the government is trying to screw down the safety valve, what will cause it to explode, what more indignity has to heaped upon the indigenous aboriginals before they lash out and Europe descends into chaos?

This guy had just had enough and he lashed out, he risks 10 years in jail, if the Norwegian Government prosecute him. What ever they do it will be a lose lose situation for them if they win and put him in jail the Norwegians will get the message that is alright to say such things if you are a Muslim and not if you are a Norwegian, and if they lose and he goes free it will encourage more Norwegians to speak out.

By the way 400 Norwegians signed up under there own name and sent money and it wasn't a small amount. These to can be prosecuted and risk 10 years in jail. The interesting part is that they were not you neo-nazis but a normal cross section of the Norwegian population there were just as many women as men, from banker to kindergarden teacher, families with children, even a martial arts teacher and of all age groups.

Oct 26, 2007

An Attempted Murder

The Danes have always been a civilized people. They are great believers in free speech, and they have always been in the fore front when it comes to defending human rights. They are easy people to get to know and have more than there fair share of common sense. They are laid back, slow to anger, people think that they have lost there viking fighting ability, nothing could be farther from the truth. During the 150 year history of the Victoria Cross 15 have been won by foreigners. Three of these were won by Danes. A piece of good advice from someone who knows the Danes well, DON'T PISS THEM OFF. Some people never learn, a couple of years ago a traitorous Imam went to the middle east to stir up trouble with a set of innocuous cartoons and some self made ones just to stoke the fires of Islamic hatred against the Danes. This stirred up some patriotic Danes to get something done, they had simple had enough. Anders Gravers and a few others decided to fight back so they formed a political party called S.I.A.D. Which stands for (STOP THE ISLAMISATION OF DENMARK). Their style is confrontational, they say it as they see it. They don't mince words, and they will not be intimidated. There attitude is a breath of fresh air in the dimmi west. There are now 2,000 in the party and I would not be surprise to see a few in the Danish parliament after the next election. Certain thugs in Denmark thought that it would be fun to rough them up frighten them. I have met Anders, I like him, he is as decent a Dane as you will ever meet. This attempt on his life will only make him more determined along with the rest of the party. Below is the report from S.I.O.E. Read it and find out what happened

Sunday the 21th October was there not only a severe attack on freedom of speech but an attempt to close the mouth forever on an organization who stands up for freedom, freedom of speech and for democracy. Small details were the reason why it didn’t ended up with murder like in Holland, on one of the brave advocate's for freedom of expression who dare to stand in the front line.
On Sunday the 21th October SIOE Denmark had announced a demonstration in Copenhagen. Read previous post. Before the demo Anders Gravers (SIOE and SIAD) and 2 other members were driving in a van with three seats in the front, following the security car, where an elderly woman, 74 years, and member of SIAD and another SIAD member were passengers.
Anders was driving and followed the security car down in a parking cellar to park so the cars would be in a secure place before the demo.
He drove very slowly down because apparently there was very little space in the hight for the van. The driveway is very steep and is divided by concrete pillars. Because of the delaying, the driver of the security car got out of his car to open the metal gate again because it was closing after 30 seconds. so we could enter the cellar. He directed the van forwards close along the pillars and directly in front of a big concrete pillar supporting the cellar roof.
2-5 seconds. after there was a loud bang and the front window was damaged. About two autonomous looking types were in the front and two on each sides smashing the site windows shouting Get him out get him out! and started hitting Anders and the SIAD passenger in the other site with iron bars. The SIAD member was hit by a soda bottle on the back of her head.
Anders succeeded after a while to kick one of the autonomous hard in the face as he leaned in to unlock the door. Anders managed to get out with a fire extinguisher from the van and hit another one hard on the shoulder. It remained later that they attempted to stab him down when there was found cut holes in the shirt, jacket and vest. Anders was wearing his security vest which saved his life.
Suddenly they disappeared and Anders got around the van and saw a SIAD member lying on the floor where he was being beaten on the head by 4-5 persons with iron bars. Apparently they also tried to stab him , but again he also wore his security vest which saved his life.
Suddenly someone screamed RUN RUN and they disappeared up the steep driveway. The elderly woman was lying on the floor completely still. She had been in the security car and got out immediately when the driver shouted OUT OUT. She didn’t know what to do and started running. She was hunted down by two persons and struck down with an iron bar. She lay completely still in the hope she wouldn’t get anymore. She felt they stood a moment watching her to see if she would move. Then they presumably ran to the other SIAD member on the floor and joined the attack on him.
It was impossible to call the police in the cellar because of bad connection. But fortunately the caretaker of the building came down straight after by a coincidence and alarmed the police and ambulances.
The wounded, 2 men and 2 women decided that the best thing Anders could do was to complete the demonstration. That would be a slap in the face on the undemocratic and fascistic forces who have tried to shut us down forever. Anders agreed, apart from bruises on arm and body he felt alright and after talking to the police he drove away and completed the demonstration in front of the Institute of human rights.

Oct 23, 2007

A Sparkling Jewel

Before you click on this video, I would like to say something that I think is rather important. Cultural relativism sucks. What ever choice you make when you judge anything always comes down to what is better or what is worse. Cultural relativism is when you don't make a choice, because you do not want to offend. When you do that, you are being dishonest and an hypocrite. I am somewhat simplistic in my attitude, when it comes down to culture. Islamic culture to me has always been inferior, not because it does not have great body of work, but apart from calligraphy, it lacks great music and the visual arts. Art is about emotions, some artists effect you personally, and not others, but really great artists affects nearly all of us. Some can move us to tears, tears of pleasure. That is the difference between Western and Islamic culture. In western culture you can cry from pleasure, in islamic culture you will only cry from pain. Please enjoy and don't be ashamed if you wipe a tear from you eye.

Oct 20, 2007

A Walk in the Park

The last few days I have spent in Brussels attending a conference organized by the Vigilant Freedom Europa. I suppose we will be called right wing fascists by the left because it was about the danger of Islam in Europe. The conference was held in the Belly of the Beast, the E.U. parliament building. I was mildly surprised, the E.U. catering served us ham sandwiches among other things in the intervals between the speakers. During the time I was there I stayed with a Danish friend and another Danish Blogger. On the second day of the conference. I walked down through Jubel park to Robert Shumans plads to get a Taxi to the venue. Just a few yards away is the European Commision building. What caught my eye though was a minaret sticking up above the trees just to the left of the park entrance, curiosity got the better of me and I wandered across to take a closer look. The mosque turned out to be the Grand Mosque of Brussels built with Saudi money on land given to the Belgium muslims by the late King. It is no more than about 200 yards from the E.U. Commission building. I took a picture and then wandered back towards to main gate to get my Taxi. To get there I had to go past this monument. Late 19th century. It must have been very impressive in its day, but the past 100 years have ravaged it as you can see it is black and eroded. One would have thought that the Belgium people would have would have taken care of it because it is about ending the slave trade in the Congo. I didn't know this until I wandered over to read the inscriptions. Well the part of the inscription that I could read because certain vandals in Belgium society had vandalized it, it is not difficult to see why Here is my rough and ready the translation to my readers who can't read Flemish or French. The Belgium's military heroism in destroying the Arab Slave traders. Well you can't read the bit where it says arab in the French inscription because someone has taken a chisel and chiseled it away, but you can decipher it in the Flemish inscription. You can also see that it has happened before because both words have been repaired. It seemed symbolic to me about the problems we are suffering in Europe today. We allow them to build propaganda offices under the guise of mosques, then do nothing when they try to eradicate our history by disfiguring our monument. The monument is certainly not on a par with the Giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan, but you can bet your life it will be the first thing they blow up when they take power. History might not repeat itself but it certainly tends to rhyme.

An Interesting Video

I don't know if this is a tongue in the cheek send up. Perhaps some American reader could enlighten me

Sep 16, 2007

Antidimmitude in Switzerland

A certain Gentleman of the negroid persuasion Doudou Diène has been complaining, or to be more correctly whining about how Islamaphobic the Swiss have become. It seems that the U.N. Human rights commision is a bit peeved over a poster the Swiss peoples party has issued showing three obviously Islamophobic swiss sheep kicking out a black sheep out of Switzerland. The U.N. Human rights commision or what ever name they use, tends to be somewhat over sensitive when Islamic human rights are concerned. But markedly reticent when any non-muslim rights are contravened. This of cause is to be expected when you have representatives from 15 muslim nations on the committee, non of which are noted for there respect of Human rights, certainly not womens. This arrant hypocrisy tends to get up my nose, but to show my good will, I have doctored the poster to make it more politically acceptable to these idiots. I can assure you if the poster I have changed had been issued by the Swiss peoples party there would not have been as much as a squeak out of these morons. I am doing this to make a point. In the mean time the Swiss government will dissimulate, as only they can. In the mean time back in the Alpine pastures the Heides and modern day William Tells learn how to make computer games and post them on the net, and get ready to defend there land. If only these fools from the U.N. had half a brain they would realize that they are doing nothing to help there cause by whining over Islamophobia, a recently hatched word that has no meaning what soever. To be islamophobic means that you have an irrational fear of Islam, any fear of Islam is by definition rational. The Swiss being one of the most rational groups of people obviously realize this and are getting things in place to defend themselves. If the Swiss suffer from any phobia then it must be Antikuffaphobia an irrational fear of wanting to defend yourself. You have to be able to understand a bit of German to understand the link below please enjoy and join the Swiss in raising a middle finger in the direction of this Idiot and his paymasters.

Fun and games in the Swiss mountains

Sep 13, 2007

Very Basic European Human Rights

On the 11th of this month I spent a somewhat disagreeable day. It was in fact a day I could have done without. Since I have settled down here in the rural Netherlands, renovated an old house, and started a family. I have got to feel rather comfortable. It is very quiet here, there is no crime, I don't even have to lock the door. I have a great view over the fields at the back of house. If I want any milk I can go across to the father-in-laws farm and get some. What is even better still is that there is a nice little pub nestled nicely in among the 17 houses that make up the hamlet. The customers are nice and friendly and the beer is cheap and good. I need for little and want even less. In a word I am a content human being. It has got to such a point that I don't like to go into the nearest town to do my shopping once a week, and if I can avoid it I let the wife do it. Idyllic, yes it is. I had traveled the world working in different countries never staying more than a couple of years in one place. When you find the right women, you have to put down roots, and the ground here suits my roots perfectly. I have got what I want.

The problem is though, you can't keep the world out and what has been happening to this great country over the last few years has got me really depressed. First little things being demanded by camel herders who can't spell their own name. Then Imams tell us that we should throw all Homos off the highest building in Holland. In the end the whining and bleating gets more incessant and nauseating until you just want them to shut up. I think the greatest problem is that you look at them in there dresses and party hats and say too yourself, they can't be serious. The shock comes when you realize they are, the death of Theo Van Gogh was a shock too me, as I am certain it was for many Dutch. What is it these nutters are up too, so you begin to read that fairy tale they call a Holy book. It is only then, if you have never been interested in faith, that you realize that repeating arrant nonsense five times a day turns you into a sociopath. The final point of no return for me, came over the Danish cartoons. Now it has got to stop.

So early on the 11th I got out of bed, put on my second best cloths, my cheap pair of reserve glasses and with my passport in my back pocket I caught the train to Brussels to attend the demonstration against the Islamisation of Europe. I was in the thick of it and was no more than feet away when the police started to arrest the leaders of Vlaams Belang. I took plenty of pictures and I will post them on a later posting but what really caught my eye and in many ways show up our real dilemma was a very small book I picked up in the E.U. parliament building. I had to go in to see someone I know and when I came out I picked one up. I wonder how much money they spent put this screed together, not much I dare say. They can spend millions putting together a 500 page constitution that nobody wants and then spend millions more changing its name so they can implement it by the back door. Spend millions on putting together what should be a European equivalent of the the American Bill of Right, no way. As you can see above picture of the book it is almost insignificant and thin on the ground in content full of blathering fluff. They also insult you by saying that it is free and you cannot sell it, as if anybody in his right mind would want the dam thing. This was the enduring impression of the E.U. I received when I left Brussels later that night.

Sep 4, 2007

What a Farce

A gang of Al-Qaeda terrorists who beat four prison officers with pool cues will not be prosecuted, because it is "not in the public interest".

Tariq Al-Daour - jailed for inciting terrorism - led six thugs at Belmarsh Prison in the attack which left one officer with a shattered cheekbone and another with deep cuts in his shoulder.

The incident was caught on CCTV and witnesses have come forward - but the Crown Prosecution Service has refused to prosecute.

Lawyers told the victims that prosecuting the terrorists there was "not a realistic prospect of conviction". Prison officers believe authorities are too afraid to tackle the Muslim gangs in case they antagonise them.

One said: "They're letting these thugs get away with beating these officers to a pulp. They are treated like untouchables in the system. It will just lead to more violence."

A spokesman for the CPS said: "This matter could be dealt with by the prison's internal processes."

A magistrate at an internal hearing can impose a sentence of 56 days - but if the suspects had been tried for grievous bodily harm they faced up to seven years.

There is something seriously wrong here with the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) this just can't be right either the service has been ethnically enriched or the Attorney General has lost his marbles