Jul 22, 2007

Bolton Police doing Sensitivity Training

The word for this is Public relations bullshit. The Police force in Bolton now have to go on a course on how not to offend Muslims. I think the technical word for the farce is sensitivity training. Two hours of listening to drivel. If I was a policeman I would want danger money. I would hope that the folder that most likely accompanies this course come with a Government health warning, ( READING THIS IS LIABLE TO RUIN YOUR MENTAL HEALTH.) but I wont hold my breath. These bearded baboons will most likely get a subsidy from the local authorities to run the course on there own terms. Not only that they will most likely be sending a report to the Chief of Police, on how the course went, pity the poor copper who asks a question about Big Mo's pedophilic tendencies. I wont bet on his chances of promotion.

The Future

One of the things that has irritated me over the last few years is the abominable state of the education in the country. I don't need a degree in rocket science to tell me something is wrong. I watch fuming as some idiot with a Phd in Education, what ever that means, get up and spout how things are better than they ever they have been and how more and more students are passing exams every year.

I know he is lieing because I have seen the exam papers and compared them with the exam papers for the exam of the same level in the 60s when I took them. They have lowered the standards and the pass mark to get more through. Quantity is not Quality, it is nothing more than dumbing us down. We will pay a high price in the future for this stupidly, ignorant parents breed ignorant children and we will not be able to compete industrially if we do not have educated people running industry. I thought things were bad in my country but this video from France made me weep for France. This is our future, if we do not do something very quickly.