Jul 22, 2007

Bolton Police doing Sensitivity Training

The word for this is Public relations bullshit. The Police force in Bolton now have to go on a course on how not to offend Muslims. I think the technical word for the farce is sensitivity training. Two hours of listening to drivel. If I was a policeman I would want danger money. I would hope that the folder that most likely accompanies this course come with a Government health warning, ( READING THIS IS LIABLE TO RUIN YOUR MENTAL HEALTH.) but I wont hold my breath. These bearded baboons will most likely get a subsidy from the local authorities to run the course on there own terms. Not only that they will most likely be sending a report to the Chief of Police, on how the course went, pity the poor copper who asks a question about Big Mo's pedophilic tendencies. I wont bet on his chances of promotion.


falcon_01 said...

Sad, were I on the force I'd be sure to give them parking tickets with my LEFT hand. Mwahahaha!

I'd find a way to show the bottom of my feet... "Ow, I think I stepped on something, is there a pebble stuck in my tread?"

Osama toilet paper by their toilet...

Serving bacon as a side to every meal would just waste resources and be to obvious... but if you serve bacon bits on every salad and top it with Ranch, they might not identify a problem until it's too late. "Oops! I forgot to tell you to pluck out the bacon!"

Brooke said...

What an utter load of crap.

I'd make darn sure that my uniform had a little smattering of dog hair, and my breath smelled of a pulled pork sandwich prior to this re-education class.

Anonymous said...

"These bearded baboons ..."

Adolf Hitler is alive & well in England. You racists really do enjoy genocide don't you?

Have you become a bit sentimental for all the bloodshed that you were allowed to commit during the colonial period?

The English have murdered MILLIONS of people worldwide as they raped nations of their natural resources, oppressed & enslaved their people, and imposed their culture by the force of bloodshed.

The Muslims need to know that the English are still capable of committing genocide today. Hitler is alive & well among the bloodthirsty English bigots.