Dec 14, 2007

Islamophobia in Norway

The picture above is a screen shot from a Norwegian facebook page on the internet. For those of you that cannot read Norwegian and I presume most of you can't I have writen the original text below and the English translation underneath. I think you will find it interesting.

For Drapet av Norges fiende nr 1.

Siden krek gjemmer seg bak ytringsfriheten og oppfordrer til drap på fiender av Islam som han kaller oss starter jeg herved en gruppe for folk som er villige til å donere penger for å gi en viss person en kule i Panna.

Hvis noen kjenner en Skadedyrs ekspert si fra. Og hvis vi mot formodning ikke får inn nok penger vil disse bli gitt tilbake til sine respektive givere», heter det i informasjonsteksten til Facebook-gruppa.

For the killing of Norway's enemy no 1.

Since Krek hides himself behind freedom of expression and incites people to kill the enemies of Islam who he calls us. I am starting a group for people who are willing to donate money to give a certain person a bullet in the head.
If anybody knows a vermin expert say so. If we do not collect enough money this will be given back to the respective doners. The facebook informs.

This is one seriously pissed off Norwegian. I suppose technically you could call him an islamophobe and it will certainly be construed as such by the Muslims. Personally I think he has just had enough of being abused by this Mullah and all the rest of the ranting Jihadists and just snapped. What it does show is a rising contempt a seething sense of impotency at the way the regimes in the west clamp down on dissent if you are a white Aboriginal but give free reign to the Mullahs and the Jihadist in there society. We have had similar cases in Britain where chanting Muslims have demonstrated calling for the murder of non muslims while the leader of a political party was brought before the courts not once but twice, because the Government couldn't get the verdict it wanted because he called Islam an evil vicious religion. You don't have to be a political genius to realise that the government wanted a show trial. One wonders why a Government supposedly committed to democracy would do such a thing. What have they to fear from such a mild comment? It bodes ill for the future, trying to suppress mild criticism will only drive it underground, where it will fester and grow until it burst forth like this, or perhaps even worse somebody might even try and even succeed in putting a bullet in Kreks skull. Unresolved problems if not allowed to be resolved in debate can quickly gain a head of steam and if there is no safety valve will suddenly explode. Throwing people out of a window in Prague onto a pile of Horse manure did nothing to calm religious sensibilities and lead to the extermination of a third of the German people in the thirty year war. Have no fear we have the same situation now here in Europe we have a battle for domination not religion against religion, but religion against secular government. The result is easy to define it will either mean freedom or slavery, for me and you, and our children, and children's children. The pressure is building the government is trying to screw down the safety valve, what will cause it to explode, what more indignity has to heaped upon the indigenous aboriginals before they lash out and Europe descends into chaos?

This guy had just had enough and he lashed out, he risks 10 years in jail, if the Norwegian Government prosecute him. What ever they do it will be a lose lose situation for them if they win and put him in jail the Norwegians will get the message that is alright to say such things if you are a Muslim and not if you are a Norwegian, and if they lose and he goes free it will encourage more Norwegians to speak out.

By the way 400 Norwegians signed up under there own name and sent money and it wasn't a small amount. These to can be prosecuted and risk 10 years in jail. The interesting part is that they were not you neo-nazis but a normal cross section of the Norwegian population there were just as many women as men, from banker to kindergarden teacher, families with children, even a martial arts teacher and of all age groups.