Oct 23, 2007

A Sparkling Jewel

Before you click on this video, I would like to say something that I think is rather important. Cultural relativism sucks. What ever choice you make when you judge anything always comes down to what is better or what is worse. Cultural relativism is when you don't make a choice, because you do not want to offend. When you do that, you are being dishonest and an hypocrite. I am somewhat simplistic in my attitude, when it comes down to culture. Islamic culture to me has always been inferior, not because it does not have great body of work, but apart from calligraphy, it lacks great music and the visual arts. Art is about emotions, some artists effect you personally, and not others, but really great artists affects nearly all of us. Some can move us to tears, tears of pleasure. That is the difference between Western and Islamic culture. In western culture you can cry from pleasure, in islamic culture you will only cry from pain. Please enjoy and don't be ashamed if you wipe a tear from you eye.


the doctor said...

YM , what a privilege to be allowed to hear that , I had not seen it before but it could have been Pav himself singing . Truly excelant .

Anonymous said...

My hopes and prayers that he recovers from this latest ordeal.


Anonymous said...

That's why we can't talk about "clash of civilisations" - it takes at least two. We can talk about culture vs. barbarism, that's all.
BTW : nice to meet you in 'The Belly of the Beast'

Anonymous said...

Great story, and a beautiful voice. I wonder why he hasn't gotten involved in any local opera productions in Wales, at least to start with. He may not need that now, though. His voice is ethereal.