Aug 20, 2007

A Street In Brussels

No this is not the aftermath of the Demonstration on September the 11th it is a scene that we will see more and more on our streets. This gory scene is caused by the illegal killing of sheep for Ramadan. I have seen worse when I lived and worked in Qatar in the 70s. The Arabs imported sheep by the thousands they came mostly from New Zealand. They came on Roll on Roll off ferries. They were drive out to the killing fields on the Salwa Rd. penned in large wired off compounds the bleating was pitiful to hear in the 40degree heat. Groups of men did the slaughtering and the offal was stacked in heaps all over the place, and black with flies while the desert ran red with the blood. Dante had it about right. The question I ask is will it be just sheep blood that run in the gutters of our cities in 20 years time.


Rebel Radius said...

Can you find a link that these sheep came from New Zealand? I would really like to dish out some dirt on this.

Sir HM said...


They are shipped and flown in from all over the world.


Didn't know you knew Qatar. I was there for a couple of years in the eighties. It was still suppository territory.

Yorkshireminer said...

Dear Rebel Radius,
No I am sorry I cannot give you a link I was writing from first hand experience. I used to drive past the pens every day going to work. One day curiosity got the better of me and I went and had a closer look. There were gangs of men doing the butchering. I remember that they wore pants that resembled stripped pajamas. I asked an Arab there and he told me that they came on Car Ferries from New Zealand. That is all I can tell you If you are a New Zealander by any chance then you will understand why it would be covered up. The sheep were not all killed on the spot many were sold for later slaughter in the home compounds. I saw one rich arab family drive out of the desert and back onto the road with a live sheep sticking its head out of the side window of a Rolls Royce car and bleating like anything. I am sorry I can't give you anymore information.

Yes Sir Henry, I spent an interesting two years working out there. It was a far more interesting experience than for most Ex-pats as I worked for an Arab firm so I had a lot more contact with the Arabs than the normal Ex-pat. Now you calling it suppository territory reminded me of something that I had forgotten. I was drinking with a few Ex-pats and one of them said that Qatar is the Arsehole of the world. One of the others replied, “I don't think so, I know it is near, but you can only see it if the sun is shining.” I almost choked on my beer. I have many more tales that would make your hair curl. One of my first posts on this blogg concerned my experience of working in Qatar, Bedlam in the Sun, you might want to check it out.

Deep Regards.

Yorkshire Miner.

Urban Infidel said...

Simply cruel and disgusting!

I don't want that coming to our American shores.

Anonymous said...

It will be coming to our American shores and many other shores because no one is listening to the truth!!! A good place to begin if your interested is, like yorkshireminer's picture of a street in Brussels, it ain't pretty!!!

Anonymous said...

Rebel Radius,
There was a terrible incident several years ago, when a ship loaded with thousands of live sheep was sailing from NZ to one of the arab states. It caught fire in mid Pacific. The crew were rescued. The sheep were left to their terrible fate.

It would have been easier, more humane, more hygenic, and cheaper to slaughter the sheep in NZ and then ship the carcasses. But you can't inflict suffering on a carcase, so the customers weren't interested.


Anonymous said...

Hey. New reader, coming from Gates of Vienna. Nice blog you have here.

Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is the point of slaughtering sheep like that?
I don't mean to pose that question rhetorically. Seriously, is there some kind of religious or cultural explanation for it? I've really never heard of this before.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Finally Exposed!!!