Aug 19, 2007

Give the Lad a Pat on the Back

Yorkshire Folk were once noted for never calling a spade a spade, it was always a bloody shovel, in these PC times I thought it was a lost art, it is nice to know that that a few of my countrymen still practice it. Please enjoy it as much as I did.


Dymphna said...

The Baron just informed me that you have a blog. Up until now, I hadn't known...

This is wonderful stuff. In some ways you remind me of John Derbyshire, only you're better.

I hope you are saving the contents of your blog on some kind of back-up disc or file. It is a legacy to your children and needs to be preserved.

If our cultures survive, your writing will make an excellent book, also providing an inheritance for the next generation!

Given the pain meds I'm on, it's hard to think, much less read or coming over here was a real treat. Your style is clear and down to earth. Even *my* pain addled brain can make its way down the page.

Please persevere. You are one of the most knowledgeable historians I know.

Anonymous said...

Yorkshire, you're bookmarked !

KG said...

G'day YM. Great to see you have a blog!
Having enjoyed your comments in Gates for so long, we naturally expect an equally high standard here, ok? ;-)

American Tiger said...

Sir, I watched your video twice, very intently, and feel badly that halfway through you apologized for "racism and Islamaphobia", thus negating your momentum and arguement to some degree. I would like to hear you say things like: "Lets pass a new law: From now on, all muslim men must wear a burka when roaming the streets...also, no muslim men are allowed to drive, all muslim men will be treated exactly like Saudi women are treated, and anyone defaming or threatening the Queen will be broken upon the wheel". We are entirely too nice to these thugs, including me, the loud-but-kindhearted American. I grew up in a household which was very similar to Islam...extreme beatings and cruelty...please believe me, the only thing that can stop a thug is utter fear. Fear of the torch, pitchfork, or bayonet for example. Fear of even greater violence being meted out to them, for a change. You must be so fearsome that the other guys' face turns white...not yours.

The next time I see bearded muslims in downtown London protesting with those death and behead signs, I expect to see some of GB/England's finest bum-rush the thugs and break their spirit...if you know what I mean.

Other than that, I heard you loud and clear, and salute your personal bravery. May I send you a bowie knife and an Apache Knife Fighting DVD? I want you to be extremely competent with your hands and edged weapons, as your firearm laws completely differ from those we enjoy here in the US

Sincerely, AmericanTiger

Lambert&Butler said...

Dear YM:
You're spot on, and a clear, concise writer. Keep up the good work. I've bookmarked you as well.

Anonymous said...

Eeee by gum, lad, tha's 'it t'nail on th'ead!
From another Yorkshire Viking living in Texas, another place where we say it like it is. I will forward this and look out for more trenchant views from you!

Anonymous said...

That's very excellent. Kudos.

This is ScottSA...but for whatever reason I can't sign in to blogger.

Il Mango said...

Great Blog. Keep it up!

Jun said...

That guy is my new personal hero! Fantastic! Round of applause for him!! :-D

Mikael said...

Great blog mr. Miner.

You're on my blogroll now.
Keep up the good work!

Kafir_Kelbeh said...

Excellent, glad to see you blogging! Got you bookmarked!

the doc said...

Well done YM a dammed good blog , just one thing , not all Englishmen are spineless . If I was to give my solution to the " Islamic problem " I would be arrested .

Anonymous said...

YM, would you consider running for President in the USA?

pnt said...

dymphna pointed me to your site and I was enriched and surprised with your frankness. Your argument was well stated. Do you publish your video comments?

Towards the end of your monologue, it appeared that you were throwing "faith" (the baby) out with the bathwater (islamo everything). Hope that was not the case. Faith in Jesus the Christ is Great News when you believe that there is more to life than what you can see in the here and now.

Keep pushing the truth.

Anonymous said...

Bloody ironic that a European talks about "peace" after the European nations raped the entire world, committed genocide against all of the cultures of the Western hemisphere, imposed your bloody culture by colonialism, and engaged in two brutal global wars (WWI and WWII) which killed over 100,000,000 people.

Are the Muslims going to take Europe?

I hope so.

I hope that the Muslims colonize Europe. You people can experience all of the oppression and atrocities which you committed against the rest of the world. You people can experience life as a minority in your own land.

I have no sympathy for the bloodthirsty, genocidal people of Europe. You people murdered the Jews, will you commit genocide against the Muslims?

Should you people ever decide to return to the habits of your bloody ancestors I am certain that the Muslims will fight. They will not passively allow another Holocaust to occur in Europe.

Anonymous said...

"Are the Muslims going to take Europe?

I hope so."

I don't share your hope.

Female European