Sep 4, 2007

A living Fossil

Certain things interest me and start me wondering. The discovery of what must be another colony of coelacanths in the waters off Sulawasie in Indonesia set me thinking. Here was living fossil not changed in 70,000,000 years, how could an animal not evolve after Darwin's theory, was its environment so stably, did no other species compete with it for 70,000,000 years. Homo Sapien a species to which I will acknowledge a nodding acquaintance evolved from some hairy baboons several million years ago. We are in fact physically different animal, although mentally nothing seems to have changed. I then tried to thing of another animal that had not changed in millions of years and how ever much I racked my brain I could not think of a single one, it was only when I stumbled on a photo of this pitiful creature that I realized I had stumbled on a living fossil. His name by the way is Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ghaith and he is head of the Saudi Arabian Gestapo, or to give it its correct name Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice. Now that has an Orwellian ring to it. He is in charge of a gang of thugs called the muttawa all of which, like the Gestapo, I suspect are recruited from the dregs of society. The first and only time I came in contact with these living fossils was about 30 years ago. I had gone to Dhahman in Saudi Arabia to get an automatic concrete block plant up and running. I was walking around Dhahman when the loud speakers on the minaret wailed out its mournful message that the faithful must come to the mosque to kiss carpets and fart, in there neighbor's face. I watched in amazement while a gang of these stalwarts went into different shops and beat the customers and the shop keepers with long sticks out of the door and towards the mosque. It was interesting but certainly not pleasant to watching a crowd of sheet people hopping and dancing along the road with a few well aim stokes at the laggards calf's. My opinion of them went into free fall when I realize that it must have been the sons of these thugs who forced all those schoolgirls back into that burning school because they had not got there face covered. Such things happen when you have not developed for 70,000,000 years.

I then realized that there had been a sub species in Europe in the middle ages. They went under different names such as Witch finder General and Inquisitor General, and were just as obnoxious. The enlightenment and the industrialization finally lead to there extinction. It is difficult to say whether the Arab variety will go the same way. In 200 years if we do not destroy ourselves most likely yes but for the moment I do not think so. The oil bonanza has provide more than enough money for the Saudi Royal family to support the whoring of its members keep its rapidly increasing population in quiescent welfare and with enough left over to subsidies these thugs and proselytize their religion and if we are not careful we might see scenes like the one above happening at a Mosque near you.


Sir HM said...

Hi miner.

Am I the only person here who's been taken into custody by the Muttawa?

'Twas a frightening few hours.

falcon_01 said...

Actually the inquisitors weren't all that bad compared to islam. Check out the unbelievable numbers on religionofpeace...
Hope you make it home safe and have a good story to share!