May 2, 2007

my Uncle and his Parrot

My Uncle had a parrot, he called it Pecky. When my uncle came back from the steel works where he worked, he would eat his meal, sit down in the armchair and teach Pecky long soliloquies from Shakespeare. The parrot was good he could quote long passages word perfect. The steel works eventually closed and my uncle took early retirement. My uncle was a really skilled man, brought up from his youth tending open hearth furnaces he could judge the temperature by eye to within a couple of degrees. All these hard learned skill of the craftsman went for nothing when the powers that be decided that the works were uneconomic, (unprofitable). Thousand were put out to graze tend their gardens walk there dogs and generally get under the wife's feet. He died many years ago. It is a pity he died for his skills are coming back and would certainly be useful in this present day world. He would have made a perfect teacher at one of the Madrases that are now springing up in England, for he could certainly teach Parrots.

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Graneee Sezz said...

Just enjoyed your comment in 'Gates of Vienna.'

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